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Behavioral Training and Business Coaching

Companies that provide coaching programs to their management and leadership team realize improvements in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customer service, and shareholder value. They also receive fewer customer complaints and are more likely to retain individuals who receive coaching.

Individuals who receive coaching report experiencing better relationships with their direct reports, immediate supervisors, peers, and clients. They also report better teamwork and job satisfaction, reduced conflict, and renewed organizational commitment.

Leadership Development

The Dimensions of Leadership Profile® guides learners in their personal assessment of four broad aspects of leadership:

• Character
• Analysis
• Accomplishment
• Interaction

Team Building

Capitalizing on Team Talents™ provides organizations with the key to building and maintaining peak performing teams. It helps individuals identify their innate strengths and limitations.

Sales Development

People tend to do business with people they trust and with whom they relate. Participants using DiSC® – Powered Selling will walk away with skills, knowledge, and tools to position your products or services in a way that resonates with your customers.

Management Training

Managers exert incredible influence. Their strengths empower and energize their teams, but their limitations may frustrate or even paralyze their employees. Participants using a DISC® Personality Profile learn how to leverage their management strengths to help foster effective relationships with their employees.

Business Communication

Successful organizations know that effective communication bolsters employee morale, boosts performance, and increases the bottom line. The Personal Learning Profile® helps people understand when their most natural listening approach may not be appropriate, and how adopting a different approach leads to more successful communication.

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