Our Mission

We inspire people to develop life-changing behaviors without having life-altering experiences.
In turn, they will better contribute to their business, families, and communities: world.

Core Values


Paul Sylvester

Founder, Business Coach

Changing behaviors, building teams, realizing potential

I challenge every client who seeks my professional business coaching services to make positive changes in their lives before a life-altering event forces change beyond their control. I know what it’s like to be stressed and overworked, how overwhelming it can be to manage a downsized staff, and how it feels when the job seems to consume your life.

Before buying a business coaching franchise and becoming certified as an International Business Coach, I worked as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who supervised 400 IT engineers. I resigned after my first open heart surgery and dedicated my life’s purpose and passion to help businesses thrive with talented employees and high-level management teams realizing their greatest potential.

One of only a few certified partners of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team methodology, a partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni, I truly appreciate life and work. I’m happiest “when I am awake and my feet are on the floor.” A simple perspective, but one that works.

Danielle (Dani) Wasson

VP of Operations and Associate Coach

Clients experiencing a BFO brings me great joy! What Paul refers to as a “Blinding Flash of the Obvious” happens when I’ve truly connected with a client and see the moment when the light goes off and they get it. These epiphanies aren’t brand new ideas, but rather seeing something you’ve always known in a new light.

As VP of Operations and associate coach at PS363, I tend to focus on internal operations, sales, marketing and development. I also use my expertise in StrengthsFinder to ignite change within companies by identifying individual employee strengths and applying those talents to work as a cohesive group.

I love any change for the better, and I most admire those who evoke a simple humbleness and enjoyment in life without any flashiness. A trusted mentor once showed me how to not care about what others think, cut the B.S. out of your life, and truly do what is best for you – while still showing compassion for others. That fighting spirit and effort to live life to the fullest is something I strive to emulate.

Rozanna Wyatt

Executive Leadership and Professional Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

Developing Leadership Intelligence

Rozanna Wyatt, is an executive leadership and professional coach, trainer, and speaker, certified
by the John Maxwell Company, led by John C. Maxwell, the world’s No.1 leadership expert. In
addition to having been trained under and been mentored by John C. Maxwell, Rozanna has been
privileged to have the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada, as a
mentor. Rozanna’s unique ability to help her clients get results is influenced by her second
executive coaching certification through the Canadian Coaches Federation and a background as a
behavioral specialist with two Undergraduate Degrees and a Master’s Degree in the behavioural
and social sciences.

Paula Burkert

Director, Associate Coach

Setting the expectation of success with accountability

I’m a list checker and tracker, so I’m happiest when I get things accomplished. As the consummate utility player for PS363, I love a win — no matter how small. In fact, nothing inspires me more than sparking real change in the workplace. My colleagues admire my ability to prioritize optimism with reality, and spark business change around a backbone of positivity.

With two degrees in accounting and business administration from Marian University, I’ve worked in virtually every possible accounting position, including serving as Chief Financial Officer at multiple large firms. I’ve experienced failure and success in my career, and there’s one thing I know to be true: Accountability sets the expectation of success.

I’m particularly skilled at understanding multiple perspectives and helping people communicate their visions to team members, managers, and company leadership. Join me on my journey to equip professionals with the confidence and tools to tackle future obstacles, and the accountability to succeed.

Dr. Dennis A. Trinkle

Director, Center for Information and Communication Sciences

Serving leading institutions across the higher education, corporate, and government sectors

Dennis A. Trinkle is the Director for the Center of Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) and Director of the Applied Research Institute at Ball State University. Dr. Trinkle brings a diverse multi-sector leadership background to his leadership of CICS, where he also holds the rank of Professor Information Sciences and Communication. Prior to joining Ball State, Dr. Trinkle served as the provost and chief academic officer for Harrison College. Trinkle provided executive and academic leadership for the entire Harrison College system, which included 900-plus employees and 12 campuses, an online division and a culinary division (The Chef’s Academy).

Dr. Trinkle has served leading institutions across the higher education, corporate, and government sectors, including serving as the chief executive officer of IHETS, chief information officer for Valparaiso University, and as the chief information officer, associate vice president for academic affairs, and Tenzer Professor of Information Technology for DePauw University. He was the co-founder and inaugural president of the American Association for History and Computing.

Fred Kitchens

Associate Coach

Using an Immersive Learning hands-on approach

As an associate professor at Ball State University, I bring great passion to teaching Computer Information Systems to students eager to learn. In fact, I really can’t see myself doing anything else. I’m happiest on the first day of class when meeting new students, and on the last day of class as we celebrate their success.

Using an Immersive Learning hands-on approach that allows students to complete projects for real business clients, I’ve helped students gain business experience and industry insight before they land their first job. For 17 years, I’ve guided students as they work to identify their career goals, build more robust resumes, and better position themselves on their career journey.

What do I most admire in others? A sense of humor, tempered with a sense of responsibility and enhanced by a long-range vision. In other words, I believe it’s important to have fun, but shortsighted recklessness leads nowhere.

As a consultant for Sylvester Leadership Redefined, I look forward to an ever-changing environment with exciting new challenges to solve.

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