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Communication. We all do it, we all need it, and we all think it can be better.

Company executives, middle managers, and even employees aspiring to a management role, seek the professional coaching expertise of Paul Sylvester, a 13-year veteran skilled at breaking you down and building you back up.

One of only a few certified partners of the The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team methodology, a partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni, Paul Sylvester cuts you to the core and challenges you to make positive changes. Paul is also officially certified with John Maxwell with Leadership Coaching and My Everything DiSC Assessments.
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Leadership Development

Need to develop company leaders or become one?

Are you a good leader or manager? Do your direct reports think you’re a good boss? When those perceptions conflict – and they often do – it’s time to call in business mentor Paul Sylvester for an honest assessment. With a focus on true accountability, Paul shows any type of business how to grow successful company leaders with purposeful feedback and follow-up.

Team Building

Ugh! Do we have to go to another team-building event?

Do eyes start to roll at the first mention of “team-building?” Visions of your colleagues singing “Kumbaya” around a campfire? Although presented in a team environment, a behavioral management training session with Paul is more like drinking a beer with a trusted and knowledgeable buddy, who listens well. He’s in it for the long haul, so commit to a long journey, and not a one-time event.

Sales Development

Sales team struggling to sell?

Who do you perceive yourself to be? How do others perceive you? The key to developing effective salespeople for your organization is finding congruency between those perceptions. That requires understanding who you are as a communicator. Through Paul’s coaching and mentoring, your sales team will learn how to better connect with clients, win more sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Management Training

Managers muddling through without the right tools?

Great employees often get promoted to management roles because they show great leadership potential. But without the right communication tools, they may find it difficult to supervise the people they used to work alongside. Paul demonstrates the most effective management tools with a hands-on approach and honest accountability that produces higher employee satisfaction, less turnover and stronger employee/manager relationships.

Business Communication

Are you a good communicator?

Ever try to communicate with an IT specialist, but give up out of utter frustration? They seem to speak a different language, don’t they? As a former Chief Information Officer, Paul gets it and knows how to bridge the “language” gap. His behavior management training teaches all types of business managers how to build rapport, effectively communicate and respond critically.

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Return on Investment

Individuals who received coaching reported experiencing better relationships with their direct reports, immediate supervisors, peers and clients. They also reported better teamwork and job satisfaction, reduced conflict, and renewed organizational commitment.
of participants receiving coaching would recommend it to others.
of participants who received coaching reported that their goals were extremely or very effectively achieved. These goals included interpersonal improvements, better management and leadership skills, business agility, and personal growth.
of participants who were coached indicated that the value received from coaching programs was greater than the time and money invested.

What Others Say

“Between the DiSC tools, the team coaching, and the individual mentoring, Paul was able to transform our team of good, individual contributors into an inseparable, well-oiled machine.”
– Rick Webster, CROSSMARK