Mastery over sales comes from repetition and reinforcement of the skills learned in person.

As part of Sales Development training, your sales team will gain access to Behavioral Sales Development, an online program that supplements their hands-on training.

Team Sylvester’s Behavioral Sales Development is a world-class sales curriculum that runs parallel to the skills and concepts presented in Sales Development training. Your salespeople will practice and reinforce skills on their own time, at their own pace with this trusted partner of Paul Sylvester.

Robust video instruction

This series contains 27 modules that mirror the concepts presented in Behavioral Sales Development training. Your sales team will build upon the skills they’ve learned in person, from the basics of selling to the nuances of managing their leads.

Self-paced sales training

With video instruction available online 24/7, your sales team can practice and reinforce their sales training at their own speed, on their own time. In as little as 30-40 minutes each week, your team will build confidence and mastery over their skills.

While individuals have complete freedom in their approach to the curriculum, each module suggests a weekly, biweekly and monthly schedule for those who benefit from more structured learning.

Reinforce your learning

Team Sylvester’s Behavioral Sales Development reinforces the skills your salespeople need to better connect with clients, win more sales and improve satisfaction. Each module culminates in an online assessment to test the individual’s understanding over the topics presented.

For modules that provided a particular challenge, your salespeople can schedule 1:1 training during their next Sales Development session. They’ll benefit from individual attention as they continue to work toward sales mastery.

Team Sylvester’s Behavioral Sales Development and Paul Sylvester

With hands-on training and mentoring from Paul Sylvester coupled with online reinforcement from Behavioral Sales Development, your sales team will build the knowledge and confidence to tackle any stage and obstacle in the sales process.
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