Paul Sylvester’s coaching or speaking services will make changes in your organization and bring positive results to your organization both personally and professionally. Take it from some of the professionals who know:
“As an association executive it is often challenging to put speakers in front of our members who are dynamic, relevant and can appeal to a broad audience of attendees. Paul Sylvester has consistently helped us meet that challenge.

The attendees at the Indiana Construction Industry Conference recently held in Puerto Vallarta Mexico benefitted from Paul’s ability to engage them as leaders of the industry and have them look at their leadership styles to help evaluate their effectiveness. Paul’s contributions as a speaker directly contributed to the overall success of our event.

Most recently we hosted our summer meeting in French Lick Indiana and solicited the services of Paul Sylvester to address our attendees on the topic of the Five Levels of Leadership. Once again our attendees from the Indiana aggregates and concrete ready mixed industries were able to walk away from this session feeling invigorated to go back to their shops and apply what they learned. Thank you Paul for the partnership! ”
– Calvin Lee, Executive Director, Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association
“I work on government projects, specifically with the Department of Transportation in 33 states. Dealing with people and their different personalities in all these states has its challenges and Paul Sylvester has helped greatly in this area. Since beginning my work with Paul I’ve found him to be an exemplary professional coach and he exhibits a unique sense of knowledge when bridging the gaps between customer, employer and employees.

Paul has helped me stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties; he has helped me see things through different eyes from his use of the PS363 assessment. I feel that I’ve grown in my understanding and communication of how I deal with my team and how my team deals with me. I always look forward to my conversations with Paul as he has a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his experience and ideas. Paul has insights and ideas that help me pinpoint areas in a situation and come up with solutions.
– Ed Conrad – Vice President, RAM Construction Services
“It is with great respect and admiration that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Paul Sylvester and the PS363 Coaching Program.

Recently my company, RAM Construction Services, faced the difficult task of hiring a professional coach for four of my lieutenants. With our company continuing to grow, and more offices in operation, the need to coach our upper management team became glaringly obvious. Fortunately for us, we came upon Paul Sylvester.

From the onset, Paul was prepared and put the fears of our lieutenants to rest. He worked closely with each of them over nine months, and the improvement has been incredible. Along the journey, Paul and I were in direct contact as to the obstacles, fears, and growth of each individual. The communication (listening), decision-making and thought process has improved for each of them.

Very positive comments have come my way from fellow employees as well as customers as to the rapid growth of each individual. I am truly sorry that we did not engage in this type of training earlier on. One individual who received the training at the onset was very reluctant, and he recently said it best, “I wish I was open, too, and would have received this training much earlier in my career.” This was the endorsement I was looking for and confirmed a job well done.

We are presently working internally and with Paul to identify our next group of individuals to receive this extensive training in 2017.

Thank you, Paul, for your dedication and support. RAM would have had a very difficult time with the training we implemented without partnering with you.”
– Robert Mazur- CEO, RAM Construction Services
“I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation by sharing with you my experience with Paul Sylvester and his coaching.

I’m fortunate enough to work for an organization, RAM Construction Services, that sees the value in having a coach/mentor. When I was first introduced to Paul Sylvester, I was impressed and looked forward to see what he could offer me and my team of 18 superintendents. We already were doing Dale Carnegie training but we were looking for more.

As Director of Operations for RAM, I face daily challenges working with 5 offices, 12 departments and roughly 600 field employees. I have been with RAM for 18 years and I thought I was a good leader for the organization. But in a short period of time, Paul helped me realize I wasn’t as good as I thought. The experience of sitting with my direct reports (18 superintendents) covering what I do right and what I do wrong was very humbling. This was achieved by taking a 363 assessment, which gave me the knowledge of where I needed to improve my leadership. One of the biggest take-a-way’s I learned from these 363 assessments was to understand how someone else feels instead of how I feel about them or a situation. There is an old saying “treat people how you want to be treated”. Well I’m here to tell you, that’s the wrong way to think. We should be treating people how THEY want to be treated. The 363 assessment and Paul’s coaching will help you understand your employee’s personality more and give you the results you are looking for in better leadership.

After taking the 363 assessment we took another assessment “The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” to see how well the team worked together. These results again were very alarming to me. I quickly realized the team was more about themselves and or their department than helping each other. As the leader of the group, I realized I had my work cut out for me to get my superintendents to work more as a team. The assessment gave us the understanding that trust amongst the group was lacking and that trust is the building block of a great team. Six months later, we took a follow up 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment and the results showed that our team was working more harmoniously than ever before. We had built vulnerability trust amongst the group. We would not have been able to achieve those results without the coaching and development of Paul Sylvester.

My team and I overcame many obstacles throughout our training. Everyone had it in them to make the change but it started with ME first. Once everyone saw that I was on board with making changes to my behavior, everyone seemed to fall in line. I wouldn’t have been able to change my team and my behavior around if it wasn’t for our CEO engaging with PS363 Management Redefined, back in 2016, giving me the opportunity this last year to work with Paul Sylvester. I’m eternally grateful for the behavioral changes it made for me professionally and personally. My superintendents and my family thank you Paul, and more importantly, I thank you for your guidance in my life long journey of leadership.
PS363 Management Redefined coaching is the next level of training we were looking for in our organization. It surpassed many other training programs we have tried in the past. And as we move into 2018, PS363 Management Redefined is starting their third year in coaching RAM in executive coaching, middle management coaching and sales coaching.”
– Michael J. McNab – Director of Operations, RAM Construction Services
“My name is Jim Yeakel, COO of Beacon Credit Union, and I would like to share a few of our results from working with PS363 Management Redefined and Paul Sylvester over the course of our “historic” year.

In 2014, we tapped our company-wide branch managers and member services salespeople to go through “Member Services Development” training, which soon turned into “Member Services Sales Training.” Up to that point, we were utilizing an outdated branch model and had not engaged to this level before and “sales” was almost a bad word in our culture.

The results were better than we had projected at the start of the year prior to the training. For example, we projected a little over 10% increase on consumer/mortgage which we essentially shifted to the branch MSS and BM positions. By the end of 2014, the actual gain was well over a 65% increase on sales and we believe these numbers will continue to improve this year. In fact, we had so much success and increased ROI that we have engaged Paul Sylvester in 2015 for additional sales training for our company-wide sales department employees.

PS363 Management Redefined’s tools and methodology go beyond those of the common training and development companies that we are used to. In the first module of the sales development training, Paul takes his participants through a journey of self discovery–a real departure from traditional sales development. Our branch managers and MSSs have stated that it not only improved their sales expertise significantly (as the numbers show), it also improved their personal lives.
I highly recommend enlisting PS363 Management Redefined to help you reach your full potential, professionally and personally. Good luck in your journey!.”
– James Yeakel-COO, Beacon Credit Union
“I would like to share with you my heartfelt thanks for your support and willingness to be our Senior Management Team’s Executive Coach and Mentor.

The DiSC evaluations you provided were excellent. The time you spent with our Team as a group and as individuals, explaining the four styles of communication was immediately beneficial to the Team and will improve our lives personally and professionally. The Team Building sessions that you conducted with our Executive Team have been invaluable. You have significantly improved our Team chemistry and communication capabilities.

Clearly you have made a positive impact on our staff and organization. I thank you and look forward to the positive results we will have into the future.
Working with you as my personal Professional Coach, I have gained a tremendous amount of insight into my listening and communication skill sets both personally and professionally. I would like to personally thank you for your efforts to improve my overall leadership abilities while also improving my personal relationships as well as my professional relationships.

Through your training, my confidence and outlook in life has improved significantly in the short time we have been working together.

As a mentor/coach, you delivered a value added service for myself and my organization.

As my coach and friend you will forever have a positive impact on my leadership approach. Thank you.”
– Kevin Willour-President/CEO, Beacon Credit Union
“Zimmer values the partnership we have formed with you and your ActionCOACH team. The group and individualized coaching that you provided for our Global Legal Team was exactly what we needed to recognize the importance of how we communicate with others. The DiSC tool you provided was invaluable, therefore reinforcing the dynamics of good communication skills. The time you spent individually with each of us explaining our strongest communication styles and how to better balance all four styles was an immediate ‘Ah Hah’ moment for everyone and that it will be useful for the rest of our professional and personal lives.

We are anxious to see the development of the individuals you are taking on the journey through Executive Coaching to better communication. We have so many young new leaders in our top Executive positions and your coaching will only bring additional cohesiveness to the Senior Management Team and the ability to provide effective downward communication.

In addition, the future partnership opportunities exist for you and the Zimmmer Spine, Dental and Trauma new management teams that will be in place. These business units are key strategic businesses for Zimmer and your coaching will enhance their effectiveness, bottom line performance and value to the corporation.

Paul, I would recommend your organization to any individual or business that is trying to improve the effectiveness of their organizations communications and culture.”
– Heidi Mitchell-V.P., Human Resources-Global Businesses & Legal-Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
“In these turbulent times, organizations need exceptional leaders who can adapt quickly and who are always growing. Leaders at the top need strong, candid mentors to help them grow and reach their potential. Paul Sylvester is an extraordinary coach who does exactly this. Today, our revenues are rising, driven by a strong new strategic focus, a high-level of execution, and a commitment to building the right culture and values in our organization. Bottom line: working with Paul has made me a more confident, effective, and successful CEO for my organization.”
– Dennis Trinkle, PH.D., Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Harrison College
“Paul’s past corporate experience and insight increases the impact and credibility of his work with the attorneys in our department. He has provided insights into personal and team development that is helping Zimmer to build a stronger, more cohesive team of IP professionals. With Paul’s facilitation, we are developing team and interpersonal skills necessary to create a first class IP department. On a personal level, even after 20 years in the practice of law, I find that through working with Paul in a coaching relationship I have increased my ability to communicate, motivate, and manage the attorneys working in my department. I will admit that coaching sessions with Paul can be difficult, as Paul holds me personally accountable to actively engage and complete the commitments we agreed to in earlier coaching sessions. Paul expects real progress to be made and will call me to task when he feels I have been less than genuine in my efforts. Paul has become a valuable asset to my career.”
– Todd Dawson, Vice President, Global Intellectual Property for Zimmer Inc.
“Hiring Paul was probably the best business decision I’ve made, second only to starting this business nine years ago in the first place.”
– Jon Arnold, President, Descom
“I want to thank you for our recent meetings and provide you with some good news. Two months ago we reviewed my DiSC Profile and discussed my lack of job satisfaction. You found me during a low point in my career, just coasting along without fully engaging or fully contributing myself to my team/company. You brought several BFO’s (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) to my attention that really served as motivation for me to “get back in the game”. I’m happy to tell you that in the short time since we met there have been dramatic changes in my life. Family, friends and co-workers continue to express the difference they see in me. I’m much happier, engaged, and productive. I strongly believe that this turn-around is directly related to my recent promotion. Yes, I received a promotion two days ago. I feel better about this advancement more than any previous advancements, both because of the increased salary, but because I overcame my personal challenge of negotiating on my behalf. Almost every day I catch myself walking out of the office with a smile on my face. Paul, I sincerely thank you for “coaching” me back into the game of LIFE!”
– John Griffith, Business Consultant, CoreBTS Technology
“With the coaching from Paul Sylvester of Action Coach, I have been able to focus on my vision and mission for my business. With Paul and his tremendous staff’s help, I have reached my goals that I thought were unattainable! Being a Certified Continuing Education Instructor for Realtors in Indiana is a dream come true! Thank you for helping me realize that writing my goals down is important, so I have something to test and measure in order to know my results. I look forward to our sessions, only to know there is so much more to claim in my destiny of life. Your clear and concise plan has made it so much easier. Thanks again!”
– Bonnie Morton – Instructor and Consultant
“Dear Paul – I was very impressed with the team building workshop you delivered to our office staff last Friday. You were correct in thinking that I was skeptical and not very interested. However, I am grateful that you put up with my resistance and followed through with convincing me of the value. I would not have thought twice if you had walked away and I appreciate that you didn’t. Your delivery convinced me that the workshop and coaching program had merit and I look forward to engaging your coaching expertise in the near future.”
– Mike Martin, CEO / Treasure, SUMMIT Construction
“In my opinion, Paul Sylvester is one of the top coaches in our Action Coach system. I say this because he has a drive that is stronger than most I have come across. This drive transfers to all of his clients and creates some amazing results. Those who take Paul on as their coach are in for some massive action. Don’t expect to get away with much, as he will push you to operate at your maximum potential!”
– Heather Christie – Gold Master Coach, Action Coach
“As an Executive Coaching client of Paul’s, I am extremely pleased with the positive changes that have occurred in my behavior as a direct result of Paul’s coaching. Even though I have been a successful business owner & senior executive for several years, through Paul’s work my confidence, self-image, and outlook of life & business have significantly improved in a matter of weeks. Through his coaching, my communication and relationship skills have improved, turning from cool & aloof to warm & engaging, noticed by colleagues and family alike. Paul has high expectations of his clients, as well as himself, yet he walks the talk. Recently, I started as an Adjunct Professor in a MBA program. Previous to Paul’s coaching, my teaching style was very direct & factual, without much behavioral interaction – an information dump. Since working with Paul, the same information is taught with interactive engagement between the class members & myself, making the learning more fun, and the experience more positive for both parties. Paul is an expert in the field of Behavioral Training and Executive Coaching, delivering a tremendous value. I highly recommend him to any individual, group or corporation needing/wanting to improve communications, customer service, relationships, sales and/or leadership.”
– Heather Christie – Clark Simpson, Executive Consultant and Business Coach
“Paul is a model of integrity with the energy and drive to excel in the business he’s in. Strong focus and sense of purpose describe Paul and he easily shifts style to be successful. Leadership development is a high priority for him and Paul is vested in developing those around him. Paul is an excellent presenter and a top-notch coach and I have enjoyed working with and for him. He has a sense of balance, celebrating success at a project’s completion while at the same time setting a course and high expectations for the next project.”
– Paula Burkert, Deputy EVP, American College of Sports Medicine, Inc.
“Working with Paul is challenging in exactly the right way. He challenges your preconceptions and short-sightedness in order to allow a true sense of reality to become apparent. I became a better leader by working with Paul, listening to him and allowing him to push me out of my comfort zone.”
– Bob Peterhans, President Zimmer Trauma Division
“If Paul Sylvester were not in my life, it would be a lot different than it is now. Not only would I not be the President of the company I am employed by, I would go as far as to stating the following:

1. I would not be employed by my company at all. 2. If I were, I would not earn near the money I do now. 3. If I were, I would not have the skills necessary create mutual long-term success. 4. I would not be the husband, dad, son and brother that I am now and hope to become. 5. I would not be contributing to my community as I am now and hope to even more. 6. I would not have as close of a friend as I have now in Paul.

When reflecting on my time with Paul. I only consider where I could be now, if I had not had him in my life sooner. Hire him.”
– Parker Beauchamp, President, Beauchamp & McSpadden Inc.
“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your time and attention to both my personal life and business success. From our inception in coaching I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight in both my personal relationships and business ventures. Your coaching has enabled me to “get my head in the game” and work to stay in a “conscious competent” state of mind. I believe your tools and guidance have allowed me to create the success in my business and I continue to see unprecedented growth. The ability to recognize the past mistakes, learn from them and move in a positive, satisfied direction has been a powerful tool and insight that you have provided. I can honestly say you and your coaching skills have changed my life personally and professionally. Working with you over the past two years has given me the confidence and direction that will stay with me on my life’s journey.”
– Andy West, President, West Design and Build, LLC