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People tend to do business with companies after making a connection and developing a level of trust. How can your company’s sales team increase its effectiveness and make the deal? The answer comes with using a sales approach that connects to each individual client in a unique and relevant manner.

Participants using DiSC® – Powered Selling walk away with skills, knowledge, and tools to position your company’s products or services in a way that resonates with customers.

What’s Your Selling Style?

A successful salesperson typically follows one of four basic approaches to selling, and each brings their own style to the process. We help each member of your sales team identify their own natural approach to selling, and know which selling approach is most appropriate for each style.

DiSC® – Powered Selling Works

DiSC® – Powered Selling participants receive individualized workbooks that incorporate research-based assessment data for a personalized learning experience. They also complete hands-on learning activities to maximize performance.

Our learning tools help improve your sales team by:

  • Teaching them more about people’s buying habits
  • Showing them how preferences drive buying behaviors
  • Helping them understand that customers have diverse needs
  • Encouraging them to adapt communication and build trust
  • Developing selling strategies and action plans to accommodate different customers’ styles

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