We all have an alter ego: though not everyone will admit to it. ☺ Alter egos have been important to us since childhood. We wore costumes as young kids (some of us still do today and yes, I am guilty of this) and ran around the house or yard. We play-acted in the neighborhood, fought … more »
Patrick Lencioni said it best, “Trust is the foundation of real teamwork. And so the first dysfunction is a failure on the part of team members to understand and open up to one another. And if that sounds touchy-feely, let me explain, because there is nothing soft about it. It is an absolutely critical part … more »
Paul Sylvester, an Indianapolis-based CIO turned International Business Coach, was recognized in HR Tech Outlook, a leading national HR magazine, for being one of the top 10 Leadership Coaching Companies in the country.  Previously named one of the top five coaches worldwide, Sylvester’s coaching methods help leaders and executive teams be more effective in the … more »
Fears. We all have them, and whether you have fear of failure, fear of commitment, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of some combination of the aforementioned items, or a fear of something else entirely –  the unavoidable fact, is that every one of us wrestle with feelings of fear and … more »
Teams abound, from athletic to workplace.  Who makes up a balanced team?  What makes teams strong, competitive and successful?   How can two teams each contain talent, intellect, drive and creativity yet one be less productive than the other? Relying on each other’s strengths and differences is successful for teams.  Written as a fable, The Five … more »
A company is only as strong as its weakest leader – that’s why great organizations invest in leadership development as a business strategy. Leadership influences culture and plays a critical role in your organization’s sustained success. Good leadership drives engagement and motivates employees, which improves performance and increases organizational productivity. But while more companies are … more »
The legacy bug bites each of us at different times.  Legacy means something different to each of us.  To some a legacy is distributing wealth, to others, it’s being a leadership example: making a difference inspiring character in others. It’s the rare self-aware person that determines a legacy early on, sets goals and hits milestones … more »
DiSC: It’s What I Use In my last few posts, I’ve spoken quite a bit about behavior—identifying it, understanding it, changing it. I’ve alluded to the Everything DiSC® Behavioral Assessment* a number of times and have made no secret of my preference for it and use of it with my leadership and behavior coaching clients. … more »