Superman Helps Me Soar & You Can Too

Apr 13th, 2020 | WP Admin

We all have an alter ego: though not everyone will admit to it. ☺ Alter egos have been important to us since childhood. We wore costumes as young kids (some of us still do today and yes, I am guilty of this) and ran around the house or yard. We play-acted in the neighborhood, fought crime, saved damsels in distress and indulged in living a life that wasn’t ours for minutes to hours at a time.


My perspective, also supported by studies, is that our alter ego is a safe place for us to go to in times when we want to have fun and be bigger than life itself. And yet also important, our alter ego is a safe place in a time of adversity and fear and when times become out of our control. An alter ego is a partner that helps us think more clearly and responsibly, and in doing so can lower our blood pressure and heart rate and take us out of the fight, freeze or flight anxiety.

Superman is my long-time friend from childhood and is still my alter ego today. In becoming our alter ego we become something new, stronger and better to conquer fears and anxiety more easily. Our baggage and hesitation drop and we power through to get stuff done. I personally know that through my three open heart surgeries, Superman gave me the strength to overcome the mortality that stared me in the eye.

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, please communicate with your own alter ego to tap that strength to overcome whatever fear or anxiety you are experiencing. And know that I am always open to any one of you reaching out to me and taking strength to the next level. Now more than ever, let’s help each other. #inthistogether

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