“In Abundance” is My Legacy; What’s Yours?

May 30th, 2019 |

The legacy bug bites each of us at different times.  Legacy means something different to each of us.  To some a legacy is distributing wealth, to others, it’s being a leadership example: making a difference inspiring character in others.

It’s the rare self-aware person that determines a legacy early on, sets goals and hits milestones until their legacy is in place.  For most, it takes time to be informed by a journey and experimenting through trial and error to determine a legacy.   

My legacy is In Abundance. 

In Abundance, to me, represents abundance in family, friends, relationships, health, spirit, possibilities, and wealth.  By embracing In Abundance, I’m open to all types of broad and deep experiences, continuing to grow, achieve and make a difference; enjoying the journey and not considering it a race. 

Whether altruistic or achievement driven, leaving a legacy requires work, requires discipline, requires change.   My legacy, In Abundance, came from my own transformation. After surviving a series of life-changing events, I resigned my position as CIO from KAR, bought a coaching franchise, and becoming certified as an International Business Coach.  I started signing “In Abundance” on 99 percent of the emails I write.  The words are a reminder of the demanding journey survived, endless possibilities ahead, and a wish that everyone experiences In Abundance.

What’s your legacy?

It’s about the journey.  I invite you to share your legacy and its journey with me, through comment or private email. 

In Abundance,