Agile Coaching: How it Makes us Stronger, Faster.

Jun 20th, 2019 |

Agile is back and trending up.

Never heard of it? 

Luckily for you, we have, because we use agile coaching to help our clients thrive.

Agile was born in the 1970s to manage and produce better software faster.  The methodology is based on adjusting planning with feedback from completed work to create the next stage of development.  The cycle renews until the full scope of work is accomplished.

Today’s Agile is woven into our coaching because it’s adaptive learning.  We know what goals need to be completed because we’ve determined them together with a client.  We plan, live and adjust to a path for completion because we’re giving and responding to feedback from progress. Accomplishment is a better team, individual and business for undertaking the work.

The challenge:

Today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business climate thrives with timely reactions from its people. In the absence of timeliness, employees face communication gaps, conflict, teamwork challenges and more.  If poor and untimely internal communication is allowed to continue, it can snowball into a range of unplanned outcomes such as reduced employee motivation, customer dissatisfaction, market perception and financial loss. 

The opportunity:

Agile coaching is as an active learning solution. Agile coaching allows employees to assess and apply feedback from their daily jobs while learning how to be better at it. It brings out the best in a co-worker and helps you successfully make that next hurdle by working smarter, not harder. Through adaptive planning employees are consistently refreshed with new knowledge, which deepens their commitment to work and increases engagement.

Many “aha moments” happen along the path because agile coaching is responsive, engaging and accountable to the goal.  We call aha moments BFOs or Blinding Flashes of the Obvious and get people understanding BFO’s and having fun with them from day one. BFOs happen when the answer to a long-standing obstacle suddenly becomes perfectly clear based on what has just been learned.  A BFO feels great because it’s immediate reinforcement!  Together, we’re practicing and mastering: testing and measuring within the safe, proven Agile coaching environment.

The differentiator:

The value of Agile coaching is a multiplier for the present and into the future. It’s invaluable to businesses because the learning is structured while remaining completely customizable for the situation. Simple yet powerful, with Agile coaching everyone is empowered to achieve success and knows how to repeat the cycle.  

Takeaways from Agile coaching include new opportunities for self-awareness and engaging with peers, managers and clients.  Next level success happens with these takeaways to generate growth, cultivate change and thrive with people who are the greatest resource in business.   

An experienced Agile coach ensures focus on outcomes, provides a safe and trusting environment for expression and serves as a sounding board.  Our secret sauce amps up Agile coaching and empowers those coached.  Want to learn more? Reach out to us for additional information, or to download our client’s experience click here.