A company is only as strong as its weakest leader – that’s why great organizations invest in leadership development as a business strategy. Leadership influences culture and plays a critical role in your organization’s sustained success. Good leadership drives engagement and motivates employees, which improves performance and increases organizational productivity. But while more companies are … more »
The legacy bug bites each of us at different times.  Legacy means something different to each of us.  To some a legacy is distributing wealth, to others, it’s being a leadership example: making a difference inspiring character in others. It’s the rare self-aware person that determines a legacy early on, sets goals and hits milestones … more »
DiSC: It’s What I Use In my last few posts, I’ve spoken quite a bit about behavior—identifying it, understanding it, changing it. I’ve alluded to the Everything DiSC® Behavioral Assessment* a number of times and have made no secret of my preference for it and use of it with my leadership and behavior coaching clients. … more »