Teams abound, from athletic to workplace.  Who makes up a balanced team?  What makes teams strong, competitive and successful?   How can two teams each contain talent, intellect, drive and creativity yet one be less productive than the other? Relying on each other’s strengths and differences is successful for teams.  Written as a fable, The Five … more »
A company is only as strong as its weakest leader – that’s why great organizations invest in leadership development as a business strategy. Leadership influences culture and plays a critical role in your organization’s sustained success. Good leadership drives engagement and motivates employees, which improves performance and increases organizational productivity. But while more companies are … more »
The legacy bug bites each of us at different times.  Legacy means something different to each of us.  To some a legacy is distributing wealth, to others, it’s being a leadership example: making a difference inspiring character in others. It’s the rare self-aware person that determines a legacy early on, sets goals and hits milestones … more »