I’m Motivated! … and why motivation just isn’t enough

Mar 15th, 2014 |

Ok, we’ve all been there before and you may even be there now. This place I’m talking about is the state of motivation. You feel like it’s finally come together; the idea is right in front of you and this time you have what it takes. You are pumped, amped, telling everyone about your latest idea to create or the process you are changing. You stay up at night thinking about it. You read uplifting blogs related to this change, and you are on Pinterest with a new board of motivational quotes!

Do you feel like I’m rambling without any direction? Yes? Well then you have figured it out! Motivation doesn’t actually accomplish anything!

What is motivation?

The definition of Motivation: the act or instance of motivating; or providing a reason to act in a certain way.

It feels great to be motivated and inspired. It creates a positive and hopeful feeling. And all ideas have to begin somewhere, but many of us find ourselves in this perpetual state of motivation. The problem with being stuck with only motivation is that you may not realize you are even stuck. You are living off the high and excitement of what could be. And if you do realize you are stuck, many of us do not progress forward because we are unsure of the steps to set this idea/change in motion. Once you are stuck, the motivation dies and you return to working the same way you did before you were inspired. The work is still there waiting to be done but rather than plunging forward into a new solution or possibility, you return to the familiar because the actions are routine.

Planning, adjustments, and accountability

In order to create change there are a few key items you need in addition to your reason to act. The first that follows motivation is to set a plan.

A plan is vital to seeing out any change. Take advantage of your excitement and set forth a few actionable items to start.

The next necessary item is to ensure you have the ability and room to make adjustments to your idea and plan. Remember, your original excitement is an idea and without flexibility to adjust, the idea may fade quickly.

Finally, the last key item is accountability. At the end of the day it is easy to feel good about your idea and plan, and it is also easy for the plan to become stagnant. By holding yourself accountable you are sure to progress forward.

Be proud of your motivation! You have a wonderful reason to act. Just be sure to plan, adjust and be accountable to ensure action.